Punching bag buying guide

Punching bag buying guide
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Punching bag buying guide

There is a wide range of models of punching bags in the market. Therefore, it is necessary to compare different items before purchase. In this section, we show you important criteria before deciding on a specific product. Thus, you can select the best punching bag taking into account your needs.

  • Bag type
  • Weight
  • Sport
  • Experience and power
  • Filling material
  • Lining material

Bag type

There are different types of bags and each has benefits and disadvantages. Mainly, you should think about the functionality that you are going to give to the training. In addition, it is interesting that you think where they will be placed. Finally, also the design you like and the sport you will practice with them.

Here are the different types of bags that are:

  • Pear-shaped:  ideal for improving the speed of blows.
  • Ball:  to improve reflexes.
  • Bananna bang:  specific to Muay Thai.
  • Standing:  its function is to practice punches with fists and kicks in tight spaces.
  • Pendants:  improve your technique and are more comfortable and firm.


It is advisable to choose a punching bag of approximately half of our own weight. Usually, bags of around 20 kilos are purchased by children or women of small stature. The bags of about 35 kilos are recommended for people weighing more than 80 kilos and for athletes over 80 kilos, 45 bags are ideal.


There are different bags for different disciplines. There are some that are used to practice boxing only, others for kick-boxing and those of Muay-Thai. And it is that according to the type of martial art you practice, the bag must have a different firmness and height. It is best to be clear about its usefulness before acquiring it.


Did you know that it is not advisable to always hang a punching bag? You must pick it up and roll it to level its contents. This is because the filling tends to compact and will end up being harder at the base than at the top.

Experience and power

Perhaps you have decided to buy a punching bag after a long time practicing this sport. If so, your punches are sure to be powerful. Considering a heavier bag would be a good idea since the bag tends to sway when you hit it. Too much movement (such as mixed martial arts) will not be comfortable.

Filling material

The common ones are sand, water, crushed fibers, and compressed tissue. Some models even use a mixture of a couple of different fillings. Many of them may even include an extra layer of foam, typically internal. If you do not have access to the standard fillings you can wear old clothes or rags but it is better to buy the pre-filled ones.

Lining material

There are different specific coating materials for different functions and sports. In general, leather bags usually last longer and are of superior quality. Below, we present the different coating materials that you will find in the market:

  • Leatherette:  mimics the sensation of the skin but they are cheaper.
  • Of canvas:  in spite of being of worse quality, they are better to be placed in exteriors by their resistance to the water.
  • Leather: they provide a more realistic experience when hit and do not damage your hands or knuckles if you decide not to wear gloves.


Health is an issue that nobody overlooks. And that introduces sport as part of our life, either. However, the frantic pace of work, studies and family makes physical exercise a more complicated task. That is why it is increasingly fashionable to turn our house into an improvised gym. You can read here for more about the best free standing punching bag.

As you can see, a punching bag is a very interesting product to be fit. Especially if the winter in your city or town is freezing and rainy. It is interesting for its many features and for its more than affordable prices. However, you must choose the most suitable punching bag for your needs.

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