Making Litter Box More Accessible

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Making Litter Box More Accessible

Senior cats may also moreover need special attention with reference to litter packing containers. Most seniors may have some degree of arthritis, a common condition that affects as many as 3 in 10 cats. It is often not recognized in cats due to the fact it is tough to recognize even for the maximum committed cat dad or mum. Litter discipline avoidance may be a symptom of arthritis, given that moving into and out of the container can be painful for a cat with aching joints.

Litter field answers for senior cats

You’d expect that puppy product producers may have observed out that there’s a marketplace for developing a litter subject that makes entry smooth for senior and arthritic cats, but up to now, I clearly have no longer placed one designed especially for older, arthritic cats. My precept is that it’s because, sadly, clutter bins are typically designed with human sensibilities in thoughts with not enough ideas given to what cats need and need in a clutter box. A muddle area with decrease aspects will most in all likelihood be messier. As a cease end result, cat guardians regularly have to get progressive.Cat Litter Box

We previously protected options to conventional muddle containers that can be nice alternatives for senior cats. Now, there’s every different option at the manner to assist you to hold to apply your present excessive-sided litter field and nevertheless make lifestyles much less complicated to your senior kitties.

Kitty Box Ramp Features

The Kitty Box Ramp can be used with truly any muddle container and can be adjusted to three first-rate heights. This patent-pending ramp is made inside the USA from one hundred% recycled and recyclable corrugated cloth. Replaceable tread pads with an easy-grip floor help make kitty experience comfy while walking up and down the ramp. It can be utilized by cats up to 20 pounds.

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