How long should my resume be

How long should my resume be
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How long should my resume be

Congratulations on your knowledge in even considering how long a resume should be! This question puts you miles ahead of your competition. Most people do not consider length in terms of writing a good resume. The length of a resume is specific to the person and the situation. Here are a few things that will assist you in determining your personal needs in terms of resume length.

You might consider a one-page resume if:

  • You are right out of school or are just beginning your career (less than 10 years).
  • You’ve been a loyal employee with only a few jobs.
  • You’ve had a position (like real estate agent or mortgage associate) that does not change much in terms of typical responsibilities.
  • You are going for a sales-related job. They prefer a resume to the point with numbers and percentages.
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You may want to think of a two-page resume if:

  • How long should my resume be
    How long should my resume be

    You’ve had more than 9-10 years of experience relevant to the position that you are seeking.

  • You are making a career change and need to explain your career history that will assist you in that effort as well as explain your successes throughout your career.
  • You’ve had many changes in your career and have decided on a job that you had in the past. This layout usually requires a “Relevant Career History” and “Professional Career History” to emphasize the things that will be most important to your next employer.

A three-page resume may be a consideration if:

  • You are going for an executive role – Director, Vice President, President or CEO. Employers looking to fill these types of jobs want to know a lot about their candidates.
  • You are a professor, doctor or scientist that needs to list all publications and speaking engagements (usually referenced as a CV).
  • You have a lot of technical or engineering skills and you need to list these skills to prove your qualifications for the job.

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